Who Is On Your Premises? A Primer on Photo ID Badges

Photo ID Badges Are a Simple Way to Control Access and Protect Your Business

Most people visiting your office have legitimate business reasons for being there although others, albeit a small percentage, have malicious intent.  For your business’ security it is important to know who is on your premises. That being said, you will need more than just locked doors to make sure that the right people access the right areas. One access control tool that you should consider using is a photo ID badge system.

The simplest of photo ID badges can be produced within your own office with a colour printer and a laminator, while advanced ID badge systems can be integrated with the latest access control technology.  For example, a more complex ID badge system can tie into your office security system, grant access to and log entry and exits of controlled areas of your facilities. Any measure that makes the duties of screeners such as those working at reception desks and those who manage facility access is a welcomed trend.

The most obvious advantage of using photo ID badges is preventing unauthorized individuals from wandering around your facilities. The badges, worn by employees and/or external visitors, can increase security at your site by positively identifying an individual’s authorization for access to your office. Layer this on top of other security measures such as a sign in/out process and controlled access to critical operations areas, you can better protect your business against theft and other damages.

To better our clients’ safety and security, our PC Corp technical team members are issued photo ID badges and mandated to wear them when they are at customer sites. Look for their badge, and if it is not visible, do not hesitate to ask to see it.  With their badges verified by your visitor screener and visibly displayed, your PC Corp service technician is easily identifiable to you and your employees as a trusted individual working at your location.

Being able to control who is on your premises is critical to protecting your business’ assets.

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