Why We Recommend Business Level Hardware for the Office & Work From Home.

When you engage us to recommend and quote desktop computers, laptops, printers, or other IT hardware, you’ve probably noticed we’re quoting you business-level (commercial) products. Why is that?

Here are 5 reasons why PC Corp recommends a business-level product over consumer-level hardware.

  1. Business-level hardware is built better.

    They really are ‘bigger, better, and faster’. Processing power, speed, and storage capacities in computers and laptops, for the most part, exceed that of a consumer product. That, and they are often made with better materials and the expected battery life is longer. They are built with a 40-hour workweek in mind and meant to be used for a longer period than consumer products.

  1. Longer lifecycles and consistency of model.

    Most commercial products have a lifecycle of 12—18 months, whereas consumer-grade products have a much shorter lifecycle, often only 3—6 months. Staying with a business-level product of the same model allows for consistency of product as you refresh over time. Consistency is important when it comes to managing and securing devices. When you have the same or similar equipment, it simplifies applying system and software updates, which helps to protect your business against cybersecurity threats.

  1. Business-level hardware tends to have a longer warranty period and better repair service / after-sales support.

    For example, a typical business laptop that PC Corp recommends comes with a 3-year warranty and is a laptop that the PC Corp Service Department is certified to repair and can be repaired locally. A corresponding consumer-level laptop may have just 1 year of warranty, and as for the repair, you – the end-user, must to ship it to the manufacturer for diagnostics and repair.

  1. Business compatible licensing.

    These days, it is easy to buy a computer from a big box office supplier or an online megastore, but how familiar are you with software and operating system licensing? A consumer-level computer comes with a consumer-level operating system ex) Windows Home, and other software that may not be compatible with your business licensing for Windows or Microsoft products. This will often lead to a secondary purchase of the proper system software and other business applications.

  1. Business-level products are built for security and IT management.

    They will have better security features and will have onboard software that makes it easier to manage and secure devices on business networks. This is key for our Managed Services clients.


When you contact us with an IT hardware need, we consider several factors when providing you with a quote. Pricing and extra features are certainly top of mind, but we also think about who is using the equipment, ex) a technical engineer vs. an office manager. Where will it physically be located, ex) in a field truck or on a desk? … and other details related to your office network environment.

Our role as an IT advisor is to match your employees with the tools that meet their needs and your business needs. We are committed to sourcing you the right-fit equipment so that you get the most value from your IT hardware investment.

For more information on PC Corp Procurement services and abilities please visit: https://www.pccorp.com/services/it-procurement-services/

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you’re requiring a hardware quote for your business, or if your work-from-home staff are looking for new hardware that will be used to connect to your office network. Our team welcomes the opportunities to connect with you and being a part of your business solutions.

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