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End Point Detection and Response: Get Active Protection From Cyber Threats

In response to a rising cyber threat environment, companies have increased spending on security solutions. In fact, Gartner has predicted a 9% increase in spending on IT services in 2023. Organization leaders know that now more than ever, they’re susceptible to a cyberattack and need to prioritize active protection for their environment. End Point Detection and Response (EDR) is a solution to this problem. The use of EDR capabilities will increase 60% by 2026 in response to the increasing dangers of cyber threats. So how can you ensure your organization has active protection from cyber threats? Read on to learn all about EDR and how it can support your security.


What is End point Detection and Response?

EDR is a security solution for all the endpoints of a network, meaning computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc. EDR combines continuous real-time monitoring and the collection of end point data to operate a rules-based automated response to threats. The data is continuously analyzed to determine unusual patterns that may indicate a threat. When a threat is detected, it’s automatically removed or contained and security personnel are notified.


What Are the Benefits?

The main benefit of EDR is continuous monitoring, which is especially important as the number of zero-day attacks continues to increase. A zero-day attack means a virus or other threat that exploits users before a patch can be deployed. With EDR, the constant data analysis of your network will identify a threat and deal with it much faster than standard antivirus software.

Blackberry also states this benefit: “EDR is critical for securing the growing number of devices extending company networks, especially as remote work arrangements become commonplace. EDR can work in conjunction with VPNs to reinforce the security of remote access endpoints.”

Additional remote security capabilities are essential in the post-pandemic era of hybrid working environments.


PC Corp’s End Point Detection and Response

EDR is included in PC Corp’s Managed IT Services. We use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to monitor your systems. We analyze your data, creating a picture of regular activity in your environment. When a cyberattack occurs, patterns become disrupted and erratic. Because EDR is always monitoring your infrastructure, the unusual patterns will be detected quickly and affected devices will be quarantined and repaired. Once the threat is eliminated, the AI will release the affected devices back to their pre-threat state. The capabilities of EDR offer increased detection of ransomware, malicious documents that contain damaging payloads via macro scripts, zero-day threats, and fileless threats that execute from memory. EDR is better able to recognize unknown threats as opposed to traditional antivirus software.


Antivirus vs. EDR

Antivirus programs are designed to recognize attacks based on shared lists of known threats. These lists are constantly updated and improved. However, this means antivirus only detects threats that are known — it cannot recognize unusual or new patterns in your environment. So, if the antivirus is not up to date or the threat is new, it may not be detected immediately, increasing the risk of cyberattack.

Antivirus software is a cheaper alternative to the more advanced capabilities of EDR, but EDR uses a higher degree of automation, enabling continuous monitoring and faster recognition of anomalies. This allows security teams to react quickly to identify and respond to attacks. EDR will also recognize unknown or new threats, unlike antivirus, because it is not working off of a list — it is analyzing patterns and reacting to abnormal behaviours. Both antivirus and EDR are effective forms of protection for your network, but EDR uses more advanced and efficient technology.


Get Continuous Protection Today

At PC Corp, we utilize EDR solutions to protect your business from malicious actors. Your environment will be constantly monitored by our AI system to ensure continuous protection. Pair this with our other advanced security solutions like DNS filtering and End User Awareness Training, and your organization is actively protected.

Connect with us today to learn how our Managed IT Services can support your business and ensure you are secured against cyber threats.

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