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PC Corp Takes a Green Approach to IT

Green computing is a growing priority in the tech industry and has always been a focus for PC Corp. After all, Alberta is a beautiful place to live, with thousands of acres of forests. For over four decades, we have been spreading awareness about sustainable technology to our network and employees. Your business is capable of leaving a green footprint, and we can show you how! 

We Love IT and our National Forests

PC Corp is a Canadian company, and we live and make our livelihood in a province filled with trees. In fact, 40% of Canada is covered with trees, and they are one of our most significant natural resources. But this resource is threatened annually by climate change, carbon emissions, and forest fires. We want to do our part and have made it a corporate responsibility to protect these trees, plant more of them, and help our clients offset their greenhouse gas emissions through green computing. 

1,000 Trees Initiative

Our PC Corp Green Projects committee operates with the mindset that we are caretakers of this planet. They initiated our 1,000 Trees Initiative, setting us on a mission to plant at least 1,000 trees to support, maintain, and restore our forests. Every day, a portion of our sales go toward planting a tree. And we will continue this practice until we have planted 1,000 trees, and then we will plant 1,000 more! Since the start of our 1,000 Trees Initiative in 2022, we’ve planted 400+ trees!

Tree Canada

Tree Canada is a national, non-profit organization working hard to take care of Canada’s tree canopy. They provide education about how to nurture trees, organize tree-planting events, and work with businesses and individuals alike to promote their goals nationwide. We’ve partnered with them to complete our 1,000 Trees Initiative. 

Leaving a Green Footprint 

How can you incorporate greener habits into your IT space? Green computing is the practice of replacing IT systems with environmentally-friendly and more sustainable options. Living in a digital-first world where information technology constantly expands and improves makes reducing energy consumption difficult. But there are some actions you can take to get started: 

  • Choose to work with suppliers who value sustainability and have programs dedicated to improving or making less of an impact on the environment.
  • Upgrade the hardware in your data centre or infrastructure. Often, old hardware is less energy efficient and creates more heat, causing additional cooling expenditure. Replacing critical components with more efficient options can improve this energy drain.
  • Increase remote work options for your employees. This action greatly decreases the demand for company resources in the office and reduces commuting pollution. 
  • Take advantage of smart technologies that can help control energy consumption and help reduce utility costs. Consider motion-sensitive lighting systems that will turn on when there is activity in less-frequented areas or smart thermostats to monitor and control temperatures efficiently.

The Importance of Green Computing

Green computing should be a significant focus for all businesses. Your company has the power to influence the tech market and encourage an increase in green manufacturing. You can use the strength of your budget and spend your money on green initiatives and sustainable technology, signaling to the world that you care about this planet. Our PC Corp Green Projects Committee endeavors to make a difference with our 1,000 Trees Initiative and share our green technology knowledge. 

Help Us Plant Trees!

You can help us reach our goal of planting 1,000 trees in two ways. You can become or continue to be a PC Corp client. A portion of all our sales goes toward planting trees with Tree Canada. You can also donate directly through Tree Canada and help them plant and nurture trees across this beautiful country of ours.  

Whether you’re a small business owner, the Chief Financial Officer of a larger enterprise, or the IT director of a major corporation, we can help your organization with your IT needs. Our technology professionals and service technicians are here to support your organization, so you can put your focus where it should be — on critical business tasks. If you have questions about green computing or our IT services, we would love to help! Connect with us today! 

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