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Multi-Factor Authentication: The Secret To Enhancing Security in Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-powered version of Microsoft Office. In addition to the standard features, this new version of Office now offers online conferencing, file sharing, business-level email, shared calendars, and website creation. Unfortunately, since Office 365 is cloud-based, there are new security concerns that should be considered when using it. Placing data in…

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Finding a Password Manager That Meets Your Needs

Passwords are an important line of defense against cybercrime in businesses. For maximum security, each account password should be strong and changed regularly. However, trying to memorize many strong passwords is challenging. This is particularly true for IT administrators, senior operations staff, and other employees who must remember system and service account passwords in addition…

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IT Trends to Help You Stay Competitive

Staying ahead of technology trends can keep your business competitive, no matter how quickly the environment changes. Spotting new trends on the horizon — before your competitors do — can help your company develop successful innovations and be the first to bring them to market. This type of thinking can give you an edge, but…

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